The United Kingdom has left the European Union and has put the Ruler Analytics in quite disappointment and sad state by the result of the referendum and this news altogether. The immense and vast support offered by the International Business Community to the fellow thriving digital marketing field over the span of last few years have been highly appreciable.

The membership in European Union has been always advantageous as it has paved the way to keeping good working relationships of high importance with other major industries all across the globe. So it is to fear that, the industries growth might get affected immensely and shall take a hike down as we decide to leave EU.

The Brighter Side:

Despite all this negativity, there is also a brighter side to this with a slightest hope of positivity and optimism.

Given the notable fact that UK is dealing with a challengeable gap lacking digital skills in the field, we confidently reassure ourselves hoping to see a future so bright, as we shall have access to talent and skilled labour recruitment from other countries in different parts of the world. So there is still a smidge of hope after all.

Also according to us a Brexit is nothing more than a solvable myth as the digital marketing industry is in the verge of rapid evolution and development. Hence any problems of joblessness or job scarcities bought up by Brexit can be effectively tackled.

Despite of what the referendum says, digital marketing is a thriving field and the opportunities it brings forth are large.

Talking about the industry, one can say that digital marketing is a service-based fiscal economy. The sector is motivated by high infrastructural facilities offering both top-notch education and training, at least that’s how it is being done in UK.

And as a result of this, many companies in the digital marketing sector like ours in UK for instance are trying to bring in a huge revolution by ground-breaking, breath-taking innovation and try to keep ourselves in the top of the digital industry aiming to leave a trace of success on global industry scenario.

Growth will continue:

Irrespective of all the dooms such as political-economic instability and social turmoil put forth by the Brexit, we still expect to see the British digital companies on the path of expansion and expect to see them thrive more over ages to come.

Because now is the only time when digital marketing businesses shall be bold enough to grab any opportunities that come in their way and rise to the occasion.

The referendum outcome however begs to differ in opinion and quite opposite to our expectations, but we insist to those industries to view this as a golden opportunity to grow and expand their business.

The Line of Attack:

London accounted for three out of four regions that heavily favoured in the vote. Hence, a petition filed today as in to declare London an independent state might have huge public support.

UK is indeed without any argument the untouchable leader of the creative industry. It has the potential and power to take out any competition that shall arise in its way.

Despite the complete misjudgement from the part of the rest of the country, it is time to introspect and act wise accordingly.