Best Property Management Companies in London, UK

Are you looking for a property management company you can trust with your property? This article is ideal for you. Whether you are an investor or landlord trying to find a trustworthy property manager who will help with your rental properties, you should be fully aware of what you are looking for. Therefore, don’t settle for less. Getting a reliable property manager in the UK in 2020 is quite a task.

Many property management companies will show how you good they are in talks but prove otherwise when it comes to real work. Knowing how frustrating property managers can be, this topic is important because I wouldn’t want you to experience the hardships I went through with a disorganised property management company.

With an understanding of how troublesome it can be to get a reliable property management company, this post will explore the essential details to help you get the best property management companies in London, UK.

What is the responsibility of a property manager?

As a property manager, the landlord or your clients expect you to protect and handle their property as it’s a crucial investment expected to yield returns for years. Estate management is seen as the face of the property industry, so most people know what they do. You may be familiar with their duties, but what exactly is their responsibility? Here is a list of the main duties of a property manager.

  • Handling tenants: working as a link between the property owner and the tenants, a property manager is expected to deal with tenants’ issues. Be it the rent, eviction, noise complaints or any other issue; a good property manager should handle everything while ensuring all tenants are in compliance with the agreement and tenancy policy.
  • Deal with repairs and maintenance: every property manager’s main role is to run the property on behalf of the landlord or any other owner, hence maintaining the property as an essential part of his job. Any repairs and maintenance that will keep the property in order is important and should be done as soon as possible.
  • Communicating with property owners: aside from liaising with tenants, property managers should communicate with property owners and inform them of vacancy rates and legal issues, if any. Besides, they should inform landlords of the repairs and maintenance, so they keep up with their buildings’ condition. Property managers are irreplaceable when it comes to the legal details involved with letting out a house. With the best understanding of current practices and laws that need to be adhered to, property managers can save you a great deal
  • Keeping to the budget: apart from finding tenants and dealing with tenant-related issues, a property manager has a degree of administrative and secretarial accountability. He or she should keep records and paperwork relating to the property. From signed leases regarding a leasehold to audit to insurance costs, all these should be recorded. Besides, the property manager is expected to operate under the property’s budget and be careful when responding to tenants in matters that require sensitive information.

A Luxury Property being management by a top London Management Company.

Best luxury property management company

If you are looking for a property management company you can trust in London, this section is for you. London Management Company is a luxurious company with experienced property managers who are highly trained and selected through a job interview, so they are the best.

They cover London including Chelsea, Kensington, property management in Mayfair as well as parts of Surrey.

In addition, the company has a maintenance and cleaning staff to keep your property in shape. Furthermore, they assign every property a dedicated manager and property owners can contact them at any time. These managers are always there to ensure that owner’s needs are met.

The company’s headquarters are in Marylebone and have managers around the area. They are experienced since they have been serving clients since 2008.

The best top property management companies in UK

Savills PLC

Savills Plc offers consulting services and advice on transactions relating to residential property, commercial and other investments. Besides, the company provides property and facilities management, funds management, among other financial services. It’s one of the top property management companies that offer quality and reliable services.


FirstPort was on top of the list in 2018 with winnings from the 2018 Property Management Awards. With its experience and excellent services, they deserved the award. They have offices in Luton, London, Halesowen and offer services in different locations.

Their efficiency in handling property management tasks across the UK is the reason for their popularity in 2020. The company ensures its clients are fully satisfied.

City Relay

The company focuses on temporary rental accommodation. It is based in London and takes pride in their ability to look for short-term guests to rent a property.

Haus Block Management

It’s hard to avoid testimonials when looking for the best property managers. Haus Block Management is in many testimonials and if you are looking to invest in a buy-to-let property, they are your ideal solution. You can look for them and enter into a contract with them to help you manage your property.

In a nutshell

Every property investor, especially those who had to liaise with a mortgage lender to finance a property, needs the best property management company to handle their property.

With knowledge of the best property management companies, owners will know where to start from. This post summarises a property manager’s main duties, the top property management companies in the UK and the best luxurious property management company.

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