Lowes Introduces Artificial Intelligence in its Stores

Imagine what would be on a carpenters mind when a carpenter is trying to make something and isn’t able to find his tools in his toolbox or just a small nail in the box, while his customers are waiting and thinking how their outdoor deck look after a renovation. What could be more comforting then knowing that technology can help sort out such troubles and make the work of the people a lot more simpler than before.

Technology has helped almost everyone to make lives simpler and tasks much more easier. This is why, Lowes is asking artificial technology for a huge favour which can be a really big helping hand for the customers and its employees. Home renovations would probably be the last thing that would come to a person’s mind when talking about an IT development, but Lowes has managed to merge the two.

They have managed to get the best of the both worlds by adding software and hardware for an home improvement brand. All thanks to the managed IT solutions, that they have come up with something so unique and helpful for their customers and employees. Lowes has been involved in a lot of projects before as well, but now they are all set to launch the in-store robot for assistance, that is known as the LoweBot. Apart from that many other technology based services are in the pipeline and are being introduced to help the employees of the organisation.

What are the IT services in Lowes?

LoweBot is an autonomous in store robot, that is used to answer customer queries and help to navigate the customers through the store. It also helped to keep a track of the inventories and kept a real time sales report, which could be later used to help manage or make sales projects and reports.

Now Lowes is trying to make use of technology in the store as much as possible. Like they are trying to make technology that can help them to spot holes in inventories and empty out the space in the shelves. The company has also released A text-based customer service, which can make out the customer concern based on the text. Lowes believes in making things simpler for the employees so that they can devote more of their time on the customer’s needs and what they want.

The team is working on many other such projects with managed IT solutions, that are being in designed in the Lowes Innovations Labs. The team is working on a virtual reality visualisation and an app based VR store, which is going to be first of its kind. The customers will be able to see how the products and new projects that they are planning would look in their homes, even before actually installing it or getting the work done. This would give them a fair idea if they should go for a particular service or not.

The best example of such experiments would be the company’s Holoroom test drive which is a full fledged VR experience. It allows the customers to text the high power products in a real life, virtual way. They believe that their store are living labs, where they can easily text their prototypes and get an appropriate feedback from the outside world.

Apart from this, it becomes so difficult to check the topmost shelf product and its details, but not anymore. Lowes has come up with small cameras that are deployed on these shelves. People can now easily check the product, it’s details like pricing or any other instructions.

What is new way for customer service?

The Lowes team is now working on finding the best way possible to provide instant answers to customer queries and problems. The team is designing a chat based platform for their customer service department. Lowes says, that they understand that the majority of their customers use texting as a form of communication, so their team thought of making it a part of their routine as well, to make it easier for the customers to explain their concerns.

Now the customers can text Lowes and get whatever help that they may need from Lowes and its team. This is another example of how Lowes believes in technology to help reduce the burden. As per Forbes insight retail, only 3% of companies have fully established artificial intelligence while the 26% reports that it has become an integral part of business and the rest 64% considers themselves being slow in making technology happen.

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